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About Greenwood Twiggs

We are a coppie business based in the North West of England and work in woodlands around Greater Manchester and Lancashire.
Using Traditional skills we use the wood we fell to make a variety of different products.

We offer courses on coppicing and greenwood working. we do demonstrations and have a go at schools, country shows and other events in the North West.

Coppicing is a way of managing woodlands in a sustainable way so that the woodland provides a different habitat throughout it stages for animals, insects and plants and also provides the coppice worker with materials to work.


All products are from woodlands we have managed or the wood for them is locally sourced.

Coppiced products

Bean poles

These are mostly hazel poles an inch to an inch and a half tapering. Sold in bundles of 10.

Pea sticks

These are the fan shaped tips of the hazel poles that are good for growing peas up. They are about 5 foot high and sold in bundles of 20.

Garden stakes

4 foot hazel poles which are used in the garden.

Strawbale pins/Hedging stakes

We have supplied many strawbale pins over the years please get in touch for details.

Hazel hurdles

Woven panels of hazel used for fencing and partitioning.

Continuous hazel hurdles

Used on long stretches where panels are unsuitable eg. On uneven ground.
We can provide any sticks or poles to your requirements please get in touch.


In the woodlands we manage we produce charcoal in ring kilns.

Barbeque charcoal

We sell this wholesale and retail

Artist charcoal

This is made from stripped willow and can be made to any requirements.

Charcoal fines

This is the by product of making charcoal which is fantastic for digging into your garden or allotment as a soil improver.

Craft products

Commissions welcome
This is a selection of some of our work.
Benches – Gates – Cleft Ash Hurdles – Signs – Furniture – Flowers – Planters – Besom Brooms – Firwood nets & Kindling
Items turned on the pole lathe

Forest School

Rope vice – Shave Horses – Chopping Blocks – Rustic Benches – Seating rounds – Sticks and poles for building shelters


We offer advice on small woodland management
We run courses on greenwood working where we can cater for all ages and abilities
We demonstrate traditional crafts at country shows and agricultural fairs